Seasonal Fish

You can do your bit for sustainability by buying fish when it’s in season. Eating fish when it’s in season means that:

  • The fish is at its best quality and its tastiest.
  • It is in abundance, meaning that you’re helping to keep fish stocks high.
  • It is cheaper to buy!

You should try to avoid eating fish during their breeding or spawning times, or when they are babies. Spawning times can vary with sea temperature and latitude.

When should I buy fish?

Our fishmongers can advise you on the best times to eat fish, or provide you with alternative choices.

You could also download the seasonal guide (PDF) from the Marine Conservation Society to find out what fish to eat and when.

Fishonline, part of the Marine Conservation Society’s website, gives lots of information about sustainable seafood.

Cod is great most of the year, but best avoided from February to April
Buy your mussels in the winter months; the colder the sea, the stronger the shell – and the tastier the mussel!
Crab is great most of the year, but best avoided from January to March
Plaice is great in the summer months, but spawn during wintertime